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Sunday, October 18, 2015


Baby Buggy Shower Cake


For board: Trace 14" cake pan on cardboard or foam core board; estimate area for wheels at bottom of cardboard to match decoration (pictured above). Use two pieces copy paper, taped evenly together (to make the template longer to fit cardboard-one piece of copy paper is not long enough to cover area). Put copy paper on bottom of cardboard, make a mark on paper for area needed to accommodate the 5" wheels, letting decorations be your guide; fold paper in 1/2, trim paper evenly to make template. Trace template shape onto the bottom area of the cardboard. Once traced, cut the cardboard & cover with white Fanci-Foil (Hobby Lobby, in cake decorating section), or aluminum foil.


This is a 14" round cake  w/ 5" wheels. Ice 14" round cake white, cut crescent shape from wheels to fit flush against cake; ice sides of wheels white. Ice bottom of buggy area with pink icing. Use a #13 star tip for top of wheels and canopy. Use  round tip (about a #7, but doesn't need to be exact--any round tip will do.) for dots & heart shape (near writing on cake). Using finger coated in cornstarch, flatten dots & heart smooth (cornstarch will absorb into frosting if any is left on icing.) Use black icing #5 tip to outline heart, write, draw wheels & handle. Trim areas of top of cake with a #13 star tip; use larger star tip for trim on cake board.


*When coloring black icing, always color your icing in another color (I use blue).